Advanced Project Management: Essential Project Procurement & Contract Management for Construction and Real Estate Professionals

The construction industry is continually facing challenges which affect the successful execution and delivery of a project. From multi-stakeholders to smaller projects, there are countless variables that can result in costly delays, over-runs, and project deficiencies. Through project procurement and contract management inherent and unforeseen risks can be minimized in today’s trend of outsourcing.

The Project Management Conference in Toronto will provide you with proven techniques, tools and skills for managing contracting and procurement on projects. Whether you are starting a new project or well on your way on an existing build, this program will guide you through today’s project delivery strategies and contractual arrangements. Learn the benefits, the risks and how to monitor contractors and vendors for optimum performance.

This conference is suitable for all stakeholders in construction and real estate operations including building owners, property management, contractors, architects, engineers, interior designers, asset managers, project managers and building professionals who need to acquire the knowledge, skills and competencies to help be effective project managers and process leaders. We look forward to seeing you at the Metro Toronto Convention Centre on Thursday, April 5!

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